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Reasons why to buy a property in Puglia

Mild all year round climate, crystal clear seas, hilly landscapes, Baroque style architecture, quaint seaside towns, the infamous trulli and lets not forget the delectable food and wine that has people all over the world intrigued by Puglia, which is fast becoming Southern Italy’s shining star.

Puglia is a region rich in traditions, both in agriculture and gastronomy with a laid back Mediterranean lifestyle that is the perfect anecdote for those who have worn themselves out in bigger cities and are craving a relaxed small town vibe.

Although the region has been flooded with tourists over the past few years, and this shows no signs of slowing down, the real estate market is still incredibly well priced, and there are definitely some bargains to be had.

If you fancy a restoration project, you could snap up an original trullo which can be transformed into an ideal Holiday Home or used as a personal residence as an alternative. Or why not look at an apartment in the historical centre by the sea, or a villa pool or farmhouse, otherwise known as masseria.

The locals are passionate about their dishes, and the journey from farm to fork is not a long one; take advantage of many of the agricultural masserias which sell home grown produce and stop and discover the various “cantinas” where you can stock up on local wines such as Negroamaro and Primitivo to list a couple.

Puglia boasts some of the best beaches in Italy with the Adriatic and Ionian coasts offering miles and miles of diverse beaches, caves, inlets and sandy coves.

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