The Magic of Puglia’s Trulli Houses

How these little cone shaped houses have captured hearts all over the world

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Puglia as yet, then you probably wouldn’t have encountered the infamous trulli houses. These little cone shaped houses are an icon of the region and are extremely popular amongst foreign travellers and investors looking to purchase property for sale in Puglia or stay in a trulli on holiday.

To really immerse yourself in the beauty of the trulli, you must visit Alberobello, a UNESCO heritage town which is dotted all over with these iconic properties.

The construction techniques of the trulli, goes back through centuries of ancient Pugliese architecture and have been designed to keep cool during the summer months and warm during winter. Originally used for agricultural purposes, these properties have been one of the main reasons behind the outstanding and consistent tourism growth in Puglia and now are mainly used as luxury Holiday Rentals combining the rustic Pugliese architecture and characteristics with a modern and contemporary flair.

The appeal and potential of these properties from a Buy to Let perspective is extremely interesting for the savvy investor, who is looking to invest in a Holiday Rental.

Unlike many other regions in Italy, Puglia is still incredibly reasonably priced and there are many real estate bargains to be had with trulli which are achieving returns between 6%-8%* annually on the Holiday Rental market.

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*Please note that these returns are estimates only and are not guaranteed.