Puglia – The journey from farm to fork

Puglia, the long region in the heel of Italy’s boot where fresh food is almost like a religion, where the passion and pride oozes from the local producers when they speak about their produce.

Olives, grapes and wheat are staples here and Puglia is renowned for producing the best olive oil in Italy along with award winning wines. The simplicity of the dishes here may not be the most stylish or sophisticated but the flavours will make a lasting impression.
Focaccia made with tomatoes and dipped in local olive oil is soft and light on the palette and is often accompanied by an array of cheeses; the chewy mozzarella, plaited treccia, knotted nodini and a scamorza, which is a smokey flavoured cheese similar to mozzarella.

Handmade orrechiette pasta cooked al dente with a simple tomato based sauce.


These dishes form part of a Pugliese way of life that goes back decades with recipes that have passed through the generations.

The simplicity and richness of the local produce, teamed with the plentiful olive groves, the rustic red earth contrasted with bright blue skies create a lifestyle that is becoming more and more popular with people all round the world who desire to live life like one of the locals, embrace the rustic authenticity that this beautiful region has to offer.

If you are interested in investing in the Pugliese way of life, contact us and we can propose one of our traditional properties and help you realize your dream of a new life in Puglia.