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Investing in a
Buy to Let Property in Puglia

Our goal is to offer you the best investment opportunities to align with your objective of maximising your ROI as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on the high quality of properties we have available on our portfolio. As an owner you can ensure a secure and consistent income, but if you choose a property that is already managed exclusively by our Holiday Rental division, a leader in the market of luxury holiday homes in Puglia, you can start realizing your investment immediately.

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What does
BUY TO LET mean?

Buy to Let is the purchase of a property to rent it out for investment purposes. It refers to properties that are generally residential but the term also includes real estate investments such a student homes and properties for tourism purposes.

How does
this work?

As we are specialized in real estate and international law for tax purposes, we provide a holistic service from the legal and administrative procedures at every stage of the transaction: from due diligence to the acquisition and enhancement of the property.

HelloApulia Real Estate?

We provide a dedicated support service to ensure that your property becomes a secure source of income as a prestigious holiday rental facility. We manage your property exclusively, from the marketing and promotional phase to the check-in and check-out of your guests.

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The in-depth knowledge we possess of international real estate dynamics and marketing methods, makes HelloApulia Real Estate a solid & reliable support during the purchase phase of the property.

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Our website has been designed so you have the opportunity to view all the main features and details of the property, a detailed plan, and if necessary a professional virtual tour of the property.


If you are interested in the purchase of a property in Puglia, but do not live in the region, you can request more information online. Our international team will provide you with everything you need to make a full evaluation.


Our property management division includes the control and supervision of all legal, tax and maintenance aspects, with the aim of optimizing the total yield of your property.

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Thanks to the expertise of our team, HelloApulia is able to maximise the effectiveness & efficiency of the sale of the property.

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