5 Top Tips when buying a Holiday Rental in Puglia

The idea of purchasing a second home by the sea in Italy sounds like a dream come true for most, but without strategic planning and research, the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here are our top tips for purchasing property for sale in Puglia to utilize as a successful Holiday Rental investment. Now has never been a better time to invest in Puglia as according to the Gateaway property portal, Puglia is the second most searched region for investment in the whole of Italy.

La Dolce Vita, Puglia

Location, location, location!

The Apulian countryside is rustic, authentic and absolutely beautiful but if you purchase a property in a secluded part of the countryside, yes you have the total peace and relaxation but ensure that the roads surrounding the property are in good condition! There is nothing worse than being stuck in a dirt road during the rain and no one being around to bail you out! Most tourists want to be near the local amenities so ensure that you aren’t too isolated as that can have an impact on your ability to rent out the property.

Puglia countryside

Do your research!

Visit first hand the areas that you are interested in and take a look around as to how many tourists there are in the areas, what are the local towns & beaches like? Would it be a place that YOU would want to pay money to visit?

Detonate or renovate?

There are a huge amount of properties for sale that need a lot of work and yes the prices can be super cheap but unless you’re careful about selecting the right builders, you can end up paying more than what you had expected and lets not mention the lengthy waits for council permission! HelloApulia Real Estate has a trusted network of builders, architects and surveyors that have renovated hundreds of our overseas clients properties and transformed them into successful Holiday Rentals.

Use an agent!

This is absolutely vital! If you decide to purchase a property through a private owner, you are at risk of purchasing a property from someone who isn’t legally able to sell the property! This can create a huge headache and also a loss of money from the buyer who is at risk of losing their deposit! Use a licensed and registered agent and you are covered.

Take advantage of local knowledge!

Now this can be tricky if you do not know who to ask for advice, but it really pays to use an agency that has direct experience of the Holiday Rental industry, that way they can give accurate estimates of the amount of rental return you can potentially achieve and also they know the exact elements that make up a successful Holiday Rental! HelloApulia Real Estate has a sister brand HelloApulia Holiday Rentals that are specialists in the holiday rentals market.

Trullo Bianco, Holiday Rental

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