Best place to buy a home in Italy

Did you know that Puglia is the 2nd most researched region in the whole of Italy for the overseas investor market? According to property portal Gateway, the Salento and Valle d’Itria areas are the second and third most requested zones for purchasing property, by the overseas market, with Lake Como being in first position.

Trulli Town - Alberobello

So if you do not fancy the Lake Como price tag, and are looking for a region with a mild all year round climate, stunning seaside towns and hundreds of kilometres of crystal clear coasts, as well as very reasonable priced properties, then Puglia is an outstanding option.

Puglia has really been put on the map in recent years due to the consistent growth in the tourism industry and with the various holiday rentals that are sprouting up, it’s a great time to capitalize on a growing boom and invest.

The infamous trulli houses that are unique only to Puglia offer not only an incredible experience for vacation, but they make ideal investments as Holiday Rentals and can be transformed from derelict limestone into absolute jewels. If you are looking for a traditional trulli house you will find them all over Puglia but the UNESCO heritage town of Alberobello is famously known as the "city of Trulli".

Castellana Grotte is located in close proximity to Alberobello and also offers a stunning mix of trulli houses at a lower price than Alberobello. If you are looking to invest in a property by the sea and given that the Salento area is more well known and renowned for being "The Italian Maldvives"; it also has a higher price tag than it's neighbour, Valle d'Itria.

Polignano a Mare

Why not take a look at the beautiful seaside coastal towns such as Monopoli or Polignano a Mare, both with historical city centres adorned with Baroque architecture, quaint little streets, and extremely lively with tourists in the summer seasons. These towns make for excellent areas to invest into a Holiday Rental, thus capitalizing on the growing tourism interest.  These towns are also in close proximity to Bari airport which has regular international flights from most major cities around the world. This coastal zone of Puglia is cheaper than the coastal areas of Salento, such as Gallipoli which is more known and has been popular with tourists for many years. 

Or you can go further in land and discover the rustic countryside towns of Ceglie Messapica, which is famous for its local gastronomic produce and also there is Martina Franca and Locorotondo; each of which offer a mix of rustic masserias which can be beautifully transformed into successful luxury Holiday Rentals or trulli complexes.

Rustic Pugliese countryside

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