Buying a home in Italy

Your straightforward guide to the buying process

Many people around the world have the dream to live in Puglia but get scared or overwhelmed with the information that there is available on buying a home in Puglia.

Alberobello, Puglia

Here is a step by step guide, which has simplified the process for you:

1. Obtain your "codice fiscale". This is like a social security number which you will need to purchase the property and open a bank account in Italy. This is a simple process that can be done at the local "Agenzia Entrate" in the town of where you are looking to purchase. They will ask you to present your passport and fill out a form

2. Open an Italian Bank Account. You will need to have an Italian bank account when you purchase a property as the notary can often ask for a banker's draft from an Italian bank

3. Find the property! This is the fun part! Make sure you ask the estate agent what is included in the purchase price, fixtures and fittings, kitchens and even furniture can be included (this can be an invaluable option if you are buying a Holiday Rental)

4. Get a survey! We cannot stress enough how important this is! What may look like a structurally sound villa, could end up being a total money pit if you haven't had a survey done beforehand.

5. Make the offer! Or "proposta di acquisto" which is a declaration from the buyer that they wish to purchase the property. Please note that once this is signed, you are committed to making the purchase!

6. Preliminary Contract ("contratto preliminare") This covers the main elements of the of the transaction and the deposit (caparra) is paid

7. Instruct a notary to act on behalf of you and seller to arrange all the conveyancing

8. Transfer of Title. Signed by the seller and the buyer at the notary's office.

Mediterranean rustic beauty, Puglia

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