Why NOW is the perfect time to purchase property in Puglia

There is no doubt that we are going through extraordinary times right now. We have globally experienced as a whole a pandemic that we will probably never experience again in our lifetimes.

But when we are going through times of extreme uncertainty, is when you see opportunity everywhere. The real estate market in Italy is most definitely a buyers market, with the house prices predicted to drop approximately 4% for the rest of 2020 and throughout 2021. There has never been a better time to purchase real estate in Puglia.

Purchasing a piece of real estate in Italy, goes so much more beyond purchasing a property. You are purchasing a piece of history. Italy is not a place, it is an emotion.

Puglia is the second most researched region in the whole of Italy for property purchases from overseas investors. The holiday rental market here in Puglia (notwithstanding the 2020 season) is extremely positive with continuous growth. The amount of people that are desperately wanting to come to Puglia for holidays next year is astounding.

The pandemic has strengthened their desire even more to holiday here in our beautiful region, so if you are looking to purchase property with the view to transforming it into a successful Holiday Rental then now is the time to start looking. Or alternatively if you are looking to purchase a property for your own residential use, to embark on a completely new way of life, then we have something for you.

The lifestyle here in Puglia is famous for its mild all year round climate, laid back vibe and full of history and culture as well as offering a stunning coastline that will take your breath away. Why not listen to that niggling sensation in your heart that is dreaming of Italy and take action and be one of the lucky ones taking advantage of the buyers market that we are experiencing right now.

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What are you waiting for?